Once a small incubator company, Petersime has grown to be a pioneer within the poultry industry. Passionate about what we do since 1922, we are always looking for new ways to innovate our hatchery solutions, technologies and services and stand by customers as an all-round partner.

The story of how Petersime became a world leader in incubation is written by our people who are driven to do daily work that makes a positive impact in the world. Each with a unique skill set and present all around the world, their expertise makes Petersime stand out.

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>350 employees
whose daily focus is to innovate and work together
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>40 nationalities
representing Petersime worldwide
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150 countries
where Petersime & our partners are at the customer’s service

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Driven by our people who each have a unique skill set and are present all around the world, our expertise is what makes Petersime stand out. As proud world leader in incubation, we are passionate about innovating and growing together. Are you up for it? 
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